Update – November 2017

November was an eventful month for me – I finished up many design projects and got started on a few more.


I finished the logo I was commissioned to design for Sefton Wood Allotment Association – which you can see on my website. The logo is probably one of my favourites that I have designed yet, due to all the ideas an theory I put behind it – which you can also see on its page on the main site.

The Visionaries of Kigali – the Africa-based photography scheme I designed a logo for back in July – released a short documentary about the scheme featuring my logo (you can watch it below)

Visionaries Of Kigali from Tom Martin on Vimeo.

I completed the book cover which I was commisioned to design – though I have not heard back from the client – I only sent him watermarked work, so I assume he has simply forgotten about the cover or didn’t like the design. Either way, I’ll probably post it on my site as I spent a lot of time on that cover. It is a bit disappointing that this happened, but these things do occur and this project did give me a great chance to practise with visual mediums such as watercolours and acrylics.


I was commisioned to produce a short film for a local health agency – Well North and Well Sefton – promoting their local Wellness Mentors that (could) be shown in the House of Lords. The promo involved doctors at a local surgery discussing what the mentor (Emma) does and how she helps the patients and community.

Unfortunately, the film “A Way Out” was cancelled dues to unforeseen circumstances. While I was excited to be a part of the project and am certainly disappointed that it got cancelled, I have remained in touch with the director and he asked if I would be DOP for another project he was working on instead. I have received the script and will be going through it in the coming weeks.

I have also been in talks with London based artist, Anne Desmet about making a short film for her and producing a documentary like “To Fall With Style”. This was a project I had originally wanted to make last year but couldn’t due to university. I am very excited to get this project back on track and I hope it’ll work out this time.


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